We are a Mexican company focused on giving courses, consultancies and services in the Oilfield.

We have a team of specialist consultants with extensive national and international experience to provide technical support, consultancies and materials that add value to the human capital and operations of each client. Our team adapts to each job request to meet specific requirements.

The Services, Consultancies and Courses are taught by personnel who have extensive verifiable experience in their respective areas both in the oil areas of Mexico and overseas, such as South America, Africa, the Middle East and the US. They have also held leadership positions in recognized companies.

The 2 Well Instructors have 45 years of experience in the field, in different positions in drilling, completion and workover. Our goal is for you to Acquire, Strengthen and Organize your Well Control knowledge so that, when making decisions, you have the necessary skills to complete your job successfully.

We are a traveling school and if your company is a Well Service, Drilling Contractor or Operator, we go where you require it, including onshore or offshore installations. With WellSharp Live we can reach you anywhere in the world and we adapt to your time zone.

We are committed to contributing to Safety, Health and Environmental Protection through the correct delivery of the thematic axes of the courses to the personnel in training and emphasizing the Prevention of Blowouts.

We have appropriate facilities and classrooms in our offices in Villahermosa and Reynosa Mexico. Courses available every week, we are always open to received phone calls, emails or Whatsapp messages.


Respect: Our clients and their goals are the most important thing to us and we always keep this in mind. We value diversity, equality between people and different points of view.

Integrity: We keep absolute confidentiality with personal and business data, we do not publish or disclose any kind of event, photos of areas or processes.

Quality: We continually strive to deliver better quality products.

Reliability: We provide solutions in a timely manner according to established plans.


At CETPSII we recognize the importance of Human Capital since it is one of the fundamental pillars in any company that carries out operations in oil & gas wells, for this reason we continually strive to provide our products with the highest quality.

We serve our clients and participants in a personalized and appropriate way so that you get a better use of your investment.